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The Best Gaming Brands

Knowing the best place to buy a gaming PC can help you get a proper rig. However, nowadays the market is overloaded. It’s full of options for various demands and financial capabilities.

Our guide dedicated to the best gaming PC brands is a helpful source of information. Here we describe the strong points and best products of each company. Each one usually specializes in a certain type of product, making it their priority.

Best Brands for gaming –  Top 10 Computer Brands In 2023

However, big PC brands tend to cover a whole range of gaming equipment. So you can often find all you need in a single store.

Below we collected the best computer brands for your convenience. You can study the details of each manufacturer and make an informed decision. A good gaming PC will serve you for years, So you need to choose wisely.

Acer – the best gaming PC brand

Acer - best gaming PC brandThis is one of the most popular gaming PC brands in the industry. It is based in Taiwan, producing hardware and electronic components.

Among their products, you’ll find computers for gaming, creators, business, and more. In addition, they sell monitors, projectors, and other equipment for home, work, and entertainment.

Acer fits in all budgets. That is, in their stores, you can find an affordable, yet decent beginner gaming PC. It will meet all the basic needs for reasonable money.

At the same time, advanced users highly value its gaming-focused line, called Predator. The series came out in 2008 and has been getting positive reviews since then. The line-up’s main characteristics are high performance and futuristic design.

Dell – the best gaming PC 2022 for beginners

Dell - best gaming PC 2022 for beginnersIf you’d like to buy the best gaming PC equipment, you need a reputable company. In this case, Dell could be an appropriate choice. It’s been on the market since 1984 and is very well-known in the industry. Headquartered in Texas, the company makes sales in multiple countries.

The Dell brand covers a broad range of products. Smartphones, servers, PCs, TVs, and peripherals are all included.

It’s a global manufacturer that keeps providing high-quality items even in an entry-level category. Budget products by Dell often get high praise from critics. Last year the company presented the XPS Special Edition. Some respectable magazines recognized it as the best gaming PC 2022 for beginners.

LG – the best gaming laptop brand

LG - best gaming laptop brandLG began in South Korea in 1983. From the very beginning, it covered many areas, including chemicals and plastics. Up until now, the company has also been involved in telecommunications, engineering, and power generation. However, this worldwide corporation with multiple subsidiaries belongs to the PC gaming brands, too.

Last year LG presented their first laptop for gaming. 17G90Q is a part of their premium line-up, called UltraGear, and it exceeds expectations. The model sports powerful performance and a sleek look. In other words, if you’re in search of good PCs for gaming, consider LG.

Apart from that, the company has the Gram series of lightweight laptops. The first item of the line was announced in 2015 with a weight of 980g. It’s a convenient option if you work outside or travel a lot. As of now, the Gram still remains one of the lightest on the market.

Corsair – the best gaming headset and chair brand

Corsair - best gaming headset and chair brandThe organization has been operating since 1994. It was founded in the state of California and initially produced additional components for computers. During its expansion, Corsair acquired several other companies.

Nowadays, it develops various hardware and supplies for top gaming computers and more simple models. A huge range of peripherals allows you to build a great battlestation according to your preferences.

Corsair is known for designing top-notch mouses and keyboards for esports pros. At the same time, it always has something to offer to less demanding users.

Other than that, the company provides microphones, computer fans, headsets, SSDs, and other equipment. In line with other gaming brands, Corsair delivers quality and nice looks for all budgets.

AMD – the best graphics card for gaming brand

AMD - best graphics card for gaming brandJust like the previous one, AMD is based in California. However, its specialty is slightly different. The company started in 1969, selling microchips, digital circuits, logic counters, and other similar electronics. Up to this day, it’s been developing semiconductors, microprocessors, and various hardware.

AMD is one of the most reliable and long-standing computer brands on the market. A regular user, most likely, associates this name with video cards. The market has a great variety of GPUs, produced by Radeon, which is their sub-brand.

The most recent models include a number of advanced technologies for superior performance. One of them can easily become a part of the best PC in the world. Obviously, the prices are respectively high.

On the other hand, there are simple video cards in the line as well. They satisfy all the basic needs without making you overpay for unnecessary features.

HP – the best prebuilt gaming PC company

HP - best prebuilt gaming PC companyIn 1939 two young electrical engineers started to develop electronic measurement equipment. They quickly got their first contract and began to expand their business. Nowadays, HP printers can be found in many offices across the world. However, another major course of the company involves computers.

This is one of the best PC brands in terms of reliability and trustworthiness. If you want a gadget to function for many years without any fuss, choose HP. It sticks to high standards, and even the most budget devices are quite decent.

Are you looking for the best prebuilt gaming PC company? In such a case, HP is a great choice. Their Omen 30L is a complete system that requires no additional setups. The whole line-up is known for its sleek design, adding style to any gaming environment.

Overall, the company has several series for gamers. Besides, they developed business-oriented and more simple computers for daily tasks. The range of products is really broad and easily fits any preferences. You can learn the details and make an order on their official website.

ASUS – the best gaming desktop computer brand

ASUS - best gaming desktop computer brandIt’s a global corporation with headquarters in Taiwan. Among all PC companies, ASUS is the 5th-largest vendor by unit sales. It manufactures computers, hardware, peripherals, and related supplies.

The brand launched multiple smartphones, which became popular in the Indian and Chinese mobile markets. They are Android-based and belong to the ZenFone series. The sales have been growing in Asia since the first smartphone was released in 2014.

Tablets, 2-in-1s, laptops, and desktops build a significant part of the company’s revenue. They include an incredible variety of configurations, features, and price options for different users.

Gamers particularly love the ROG series. In 2022, it established an esports academy in India to train professionals for CS:GO. The initiative will supply the best players with coaching, necessary equipment, and stipends.

ROG Strix G35CZ is a great example of the best gaming desktop 2022. After it came out, many prestigious publishers in the industry highly valued its performance. As of now, ASUS keeps surprising us with powerful and futureproof gadget releases. More expensive options are built on the modern components to handle the most challenging games.

Lenovo – the best gaming PC 2023 brand for esports

Lenovo - best gaming PC 2023 brand for esportsThe brand was founded in 1984 by a team of Chinese engineers. Initially, they specialized in televisions. However, over time the course migrated towards the computer section. Nowadays, the company designs and sells electronic devices, servers, software, and related components.

Apart from the main office in Hong Kong, there are several other principal facilities. Operational headquarters are located in Beijing and North Carolina (US). Also, there are research centers and manufacturing offices in various countries. Thus, Lenovo serves consumers worldwide.

Lenovo products have been successfully meeting the demands of modern users. Their computers are quite popular and consistently get positive reviews. For example, last year the Legion series presented a number of new models. They were recognized by numerous authorities in the industry as the best gaming PCs 2022.

Currently, the brand keeps introducing top-quality devices for esports pros. The famous Tower 5i remains a beast among most competitors, easily outperforming them. Although it came out last year, some magazines call it the best gaming PC 2023.

Business-oriented computers are also widely presented by Lenovo. They use the most efficient technologies, making the products durable, lightweight, and powerful.

Tablets hold a special place in the company’s business. The ThinkPad lineup is incredibly popular due to its high connectivity, reliability, and multi-touch comfort.

Other than computers, Lenovo manufactures smartphones along with a number of smart home and wearable devices. Also, in 2016, it introduced a wireless roaming service.

Samsung – the best gaming monitor brand

Samsung - the best gaming monitor brandThis is a multi-industry company with headquarters in Seoul. It includes many affiliates, overall being the largest conglomerate ever built in South Korea.

It started as a trading company in 1938. Within the next 30 years, the group expanded to securities, textiles, food processing, and retail. Later, the brand stepped into the electronics market, also developing the shipbuilding and construction areas.

The Electronics affiliate is the flagship of the group. In 2017, it became the largest company in the world in the information technology field. It produces all types of electronics, semiconductors, home appliances, computer hardware, AI products, and robotics.

Samsung is a major player in the smartphone market. One of their key product lines, Galaxy, holds leading positions in sales across the world. The series also includes Chromebooks, tablets, and 2-in-1s.

Besides, the brand sells memory and storage devices along with various accessories.

Finally, if your desktop gaming computer requires a proper monitor, Samsung also got you covered. They provide flat, curved, HD, smart, and all sorts of displays for different purposes. Shopping at Samsung can help you assemble the best gaming PC for beginners or pros.

Logitech – best brand of gaming mouse and keyboard

Logitech - best brand of gaming mouse and keyboardFounded in 1981, the company now has two headquarters in Switzerland and California. Over the past 20 years, it acquired a number of companies, successfully expanding its influence.

The brand specializes in various gaming peripherals, including remotes, mice, headsets, webcams, keyboards, etc. It’s a highly experienced player in the industry with a solid reputation. Its logo can be seen on the best gaming computer equipment in streaming videos.

In 1981, it developed the first computer mouse in the world that was commercially available. Nowadays, production includes a ball, optical, laser, cored, wireless mice, and a huge variety of features. Also, Logitech sells touchpads, 3D controllers, and cordless presenters.

The company produces different types of keyboards. So both a high-end gaming PC user and a budget model owner will be satisfied.

Another area covered by the brand is audio goods. Headphones, speakers, and sound cards feature advanced technologies and fit various budgets.


What is the best gaming PC? The machine should be manufactured by a reputable and experienced brand. The industry is full of interesting offers, so you need to study the options. It helps make a better choice.

We presented the list of valid brands for better orientation on the market. Now that you have some basic knowledge, it’ll be easier to choose the product correctly. After all, it’s a fun process as you can experience the latest technologies applied.

It may be difficult to focus on what you really need. So think about your expectations from the future gadget. If it’s high productivity and practicality, then you may want to ignore some modern tweaks.

Oftentimes, numerous features can be overwhelming and distracting. Hopefully, our guide will help you follow the right direction. It was aimed to provide some pointers on your way to the desired gaming rig.

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FAQ About The Best Gaming Brands

We recommend choosing well-known and reputable brands. It’s easier to find spare parts for them. Besides, they tend to have better customer support and more physical stores for offline consulting. The biggest companies in most cases have one or several well-developed gaming series. So you can always find a fine gaming rig among famous names in the industry.

Logitech is one of the oldest and most experienced players in the gaming industry. The brand has been delivering quality accessories for all types of users. Their keyboards and, especially, mice are hugely popular among professional gamers. Regular users, looking for reliability and solid quality, also like Logitech.

Many computer brands sell prebuilt gaming rigs, fully ready for exploitation right after being bought. However, it’s not a specialty since any company can complete PC assembly at the factory. So just pick the brand you prefer and find a prebuilt computer among their offers.

Professionals often put up their unique gaming rig, upgrading it to their own preferences. RAM can be from one brand, a video card may come from another one. But anyway, the components are high-end and of superior quality, belonging to the household names.

It’s a machine with top-notch hardware. Such computers combine high-capacity components to provide the most powerful gaming performance. The fastest CPU with 8 or more cores comes along with an efficient RAM. Altogether they handle the most modern technologies and super demanding PC games.

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