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SteelSeries Company Review

SteelSeries Company ReviewSteelSeries is an international gaming peripheral and accessory manufacturer. Functioning globally, it’s headquartered in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Ehtisham Rabbani is the acting CEO of the organization. He assumed this position in 2014.

The SteelSeries Company Background

The enterprise was grounded with the original idea to make equipment specifically for players. In 2001, it was called Soft Trading yet was renamed SteelSeries six years later. Jacob Wolff-Petersen (known as JWP) was the main founding member with several people helping him.

SteelSeries Company Review - Jacob Wolff-PetersenThe history started when JWP was an avid Counter-Strike fan himself. Back then, no one had true gaming peripherals of top-notch quality. He decided to develop the world’s first glass mouse mat. It provided supreme sliding and accurate control. Combined with a design unseen before, it was a novelty indeed.

With the early success, the corporation quickly went into eSports. The first teams to cooperate were Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team 3D. They tried the freshly released Icemat and noticed a difference with other similar products.
As the firm grew, it started a chain of acquisitions. The first one in line was Ideazon. It worked with devices in the very same segment. By doing so, SteelSeries eliminated one of the rivals and got bigger as well.

The Main Business Lines

Nowadays, the company has become one of the most recognized gaming brands. It still deals with peripherals made for amateurs and pros. Among the most frequently bought positions are mice, keyboards, mats, and even headsets.

SteelSeries Company Review - The Main Business LinesThe organization also expanded its eSports influence. By constantly acting as a tournament sponsor, its rigs are widely used by competitive players. One of the much-hyped events was the OG’s victory during Dota 2 International Championships. This is how SteelSeries proved its products quality and eSports passion.

The Path to Success

With the increasing sales volume, the headquarters wasn’t spacious enough to operate worldwide. As a result, additional branches in the US and Taiwan were opened. With another department located in Copenhagen, there are five SteelSeries offices in total.

SteelSeries world’s first mechanical keyboard

Holding itself out as a pure gaming brand, it often presents innovative rigs. The corporation is known for creating the world’s first mechanical keyboard. It also boasts various prizes, the T3 award being one of them.

The SteelSeries Core Products

SteelSeries features several most successful lines. Speaking of the mouse category, Rival 5 is the indisputable winner. Having a sleek design and average size, it suits any user type. The Apex Pro keyboard is a true masterpiece with soft and responsive switches.

At the same time, Arctis Pro Wireless provides clean sound without undesirable noise.

The company’s mousepads are often made in limited editions. They’re designed in a way to remind gamers of a particular title. For instance, one of the recent collaborations presents a Cyberpunk 2077 style mat.

FAQ About SteelSeries Company

It is a company specializing in high-quality computer peripherals. The brand produces products for both ordinary gamers and eSports players. The firm’s most popular devices are mice, full-size headphones, keyboards and mouse pads. SteelSeries were the first to develop a mechanical keyboard.

Of course, it is. The company is experienced in the industry for years and has a highly respected reputation. In its products, SteelSeries focuses on the opinions of 2 audiences (casual gamers and professionals). This way, the brand has developed a unique range of devices.

The company operates all over the world. SteelSeries was founded in Denmark, where its headquarters are located in Frederiksberg. It has offices in the US and Taiwan for greater distribution coverage. The firm has a total of five offices around the globe.

Every device is manufactured in China. Quality control comes from an office located in Taiwan. The presence of a nearby office contributes to the high quality of the products.

All products are distributed through the company’s official retailers.

SteelSeries has several benefits. For example, the company has developed the world’s first mechanical keyboard. This experience is an advantage when choosing between them. The brand also works closely with many eSports organizations. Feedback from their players makes it possible to understand gamers’ desires.

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