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Roccat Company Review

Roccat Company ReviewRoccat GmbH is a computer gaming peripheral manufacturer. The corporation functions worldwide headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. It also has branches on other continents located in the USA and China. The acting CEO of the organization is Renê Korte. He previously worked at Razer in the position of Vice President.

The Roccat Company Background

Originally, the enterprise had a mission to create and sell equipment made specifically for players. Everything started in 2007 when Renê Korte grounded the brand. The first products were displayed during the Gamescom presentation the same year. They were the legendary Kone mouse and Valo keyboard.

Roccat Company Kone mouse and Valo keyboardDespite it being only a sketch, these two rigs quickly gained popularity among users. After this happened, Roccat decided to go into the gaming sphere completely. Just one year later, these devices were more than real. In fact, they had unique qualities that no one saw at that moment.

With increasing success, Turtle Beach Corporation acquired the firm in 2019. This event had no adverse effect on productivity. The company keeps growing and releases from 10 to 15 new items every year.

The Main Business Lines

As of today, the corporation mainly deals with gaming peripherals and computer software. It creates and vendors mice, keyboards, headphones, mats, and more. Since its inception, Roccat had a goal to become the most recognized brand for players. The dream has turned into reality, especially if mentioning the European continent in particular.

Roccat Company teamOften acting as an eSport tournament sponsor, it had its own team with the same name. It showed decent results while competing on a pro scene. Despite numerous awards and winning places, it ceased to exist in 2018.

The Path to Success

The organization has quickly made its way to American and Asian markets. It has three general offices in total with numerous subdivisions all around the world. The company has launched numerous features that were considered a novelty back at the time.

For example, it created one of the first fully ambidextrous mice with RGB lighting. On top of that, the first edition of the Valo keyboard could boast 2MB internal memory for different macros.

The firm operates worldwide with more than 110 employers in many countries. Its revenue has reached more than $240 million. Roccat has also earned numerous trophies such as the T3 award.

The Roccat Core Products

The enterprise purely focuses on gaming peripherals releasing top-notch products of the highest quality. It features specially designed software working together with its devices as well.

Roccat Company Review - The Core ProductsThe mouse range is wide indeed yet Kain 120 Aimo is probably the best one. It has a unique shape suiting most types of players. Speaking of the keyboard category, the Vulcan line is the company’s masterpiece. For those who find sound important, Roccat created Elo 7.1 Air. These are the finest headphones providing wireless audio and complete immersion into any title.

In Conclusion

Despite its relatively short history, the corporation tries its best to achieve the highest results. Constantly bringing new devices with options never seen before, it copes well enough.

Having covered the European market already, the brand is ready for more. It’s gaining popularity all over the world looking forward to expanding.

FAQ About Roccat Company

Roccat is a German firm. Its headquarters are in Hamburg. This brand also has several offices: in Taiwan and the USA. The company’s products are in high demand among gamers from Europe. It ranks among the top 3 most popular peripherals after Logitech and Razer.

The company was founded in 2007 by Renê Korte. Before that, Renê was vice president of Razer. After the success of the brand, it was acquired by Turtle Beach Corporation. This did not affect the corporate name in any way. It continues to operate under its own identity as well.

No, it is a German brand. The marketing focuses on its famous Deutsche engineering quality. It was acquired by the large American Turtle Beach Corporation in 2019. However, this hasn’t affected the firm or the quality of its peripherals in any way.

Yes, you can certainly call it one. The company’s name is widely known around the world. More popular in Europe than in the US. It ranks among the top 3 most famous faces in the global peripheral market. Roccat is following giants such as Razer and Logitech.

It is difficult to give an unequivocal answer. Both firms are large and well-known in the gaming peripheral market. Both companies’ devices have a pleasing and recognizable design. Ergonomics and build quality are also high with both brands. However, Roccat products come in a lower price range than Razer.

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