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Razer Company Review

Razer Company ReviewRazer is a multinational gaming peripheral manufacturer and vendor. The corporation is considered Singaporean-American due to having dual headquarters. One is located in Singapore, whereas the second one is in Irvine, California. Min-Liang Tan is the acting CEO and Creative Director.

The Razer Company Background

The earliest history began when Razer was to create a top-notch mouse in 1998. Back then, the firm was only a subsidiary of kärna LLC. The latter ceased to exist two years later leaving the fledgling brand to float freely.

Razer Company Review - The Company BackgroundThe worldwide known version of modern Razer appeared only 17 years ago. Min-Liang Tan co-founded it with Robert Krakoff. The enterprise quickly got a development boost thanks to existing connections. One of the largest investors Li Ka-shing put up the money in the future giant.

The corporation continued creating peripherals for players. The Diamondback mouse was one of the first products released. One year later, the DeathAdder device appeared on the market. Eventually, it has become the world’s popular rig in this category with numerous editions nowadays.

The Main Business Lines

Now, the Razer line has expanded more than ever. It offers everything from mouses to branded laptops and even smartphones. Still, the most frequently bought items are created specifically for players. A lot of users adore aesthetically designed keyboards, monitors, headsets, and mats.

The company’s name is still perceived as a true gaming brand. Its logo is one of the most recognized in the community. Besides, the firm often acts as a sponsor of various tournaments. This tendency started in 2006 when it supported one of the biggest ESports teams Fnatic.

The Path to Success

Being Singaporean-American, the corporation has had its influence on both continents. It also expanded into Europe in 2007 establishing its office in Germany.

Razer Company Review - The Path to SuccessThe brand grew quickly acquiring a few subsidiaries. One of the most well-known is Nextbit. It inaugurated the beginning of Razer’s phone range launched in 2017. Despite it wasn’t a huge success, the enterprise is still sure it has a bright future in this field.

As of today, it operates worldwide with more than 1500 people employed. In 2022, its revenue reached about $677 million. This makes the corporation the largest peripheral developer aimed at gamers only.

The Razer Core Products

The company is most famous for its mice and keyboards. The latest edition of DeathAdder V2 Pro is a pure example of that. Other well-known products include Viper Ultimate Wireless, which is perfect for constantly moving players.

Razer Company Review - The Core ProductsAt the same time, Blackwidow Elite is a masterpiece in the keyboard category. It boasts mechanical switches and an amazing design. Speaking of headphones, Kraken Pro V3 might be the best choice. Its deep and immersive sound allows nobody to stay indifferent.

In Conclusion

The company has gone a long way from a small subsidiary to an independent giant. It offers a truly wide selection of gaming products to any taste. With the current competition in the gaming industry, it has managed to hold above others.

All Razer devices feature exquisite looks. Combining black and green colors with catching the eye names, its rigs are unique indeed.


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FAQ About Razer Company

The company was started in 2005. Min-Liang Tan co-founded it with Robert Krakoff. It developed quickly, thanks to existing industry connections. A large investment from investor Li Ka-Shing gave the brand significant opportunities at the start. The firm currently has 2 headquarters, one in California and one in Singapore.

The company is now known all over the world. In 2007, the brand opened an office in Europe, in Germany. It has distributors all over the world. The total number of employees is more than 1,500 people. In 2022, the brand’s revenues were more than $650 million.

The company specializes in computer hardware. It has extensive experience in the development of computer mice, keyboards, gaming headphones, and mats. In 2017, it opened a division that manufactures smartphones. The firm also develops monitors and laptops for its production.

The company specializes primarily in products for gamers. When developing its new products, the brand looks specifically at this audience. It is widely known for its gaming mice and keyboards. These devices get a lot of awards at gaming exhibitions. The firm pays great attention to the design of its products.

If you are an avid gamer, this brand’s products are made just for you. Each product firm is developed under the desires and demands of the players. The company also cooperates with various game studios and professionals. From them, they get feedback and can produce advanced gaming peripherals.

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