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NVIDIA Company Review

NVIDIA Company is the flagship of the computer graphics industry

The NVIDIA Company history

NVIDIA Corporation is a huge name in the development of graphics processors and system-on-a-chip (SoC). The brand was created in April 1993 by three experienced microelectronics engineers. At the time, Chris Malachowsky, Jensen Huang, and Curtis Priem envisioned a breakthrough in the industry.

They realized that it would involve hardware acceleration of calculations. At the time, it was too heavy for conventional CPUs. Plus, the game industry was also gaining momentum, which the creators were also looking at positively.

The Main Business Lines

Nvidia has two main operating segments: Graphics and Computing-Network

Nvidia has two main operating segments: Graphics and Computing-Network. In addition to these, the brand is also actively involved in the field of AI.


This segment is shaped by GeForce gaming GPUs + the new GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. It also includes visual processing units called Quadro. They are dedicated to design and 3-D rendering.


This area includes large-scale data processing platforms and artificial intelligence systems. It also includes developments in autonomous driving Cockpit, mining processors, and robotics solutions.

The Path to Success

NVIDIA Company Review - The Path to SuccessThe brand released its first own video card in 1995. It was called NV1 and supported sound and joysticks. It also had high characteristics of working with three-dimensional graphics. Nevertheless, there were problems with rendering 2D spaces.

The first commercially successful product was only in 1997 RIVA 128, which supported both DirectX and OpenGL.

Nvidia also released Detonator drivers with support for 3DNow instructions. Together with high-performance processors, it managed to develop the highest rendering speed for 3D games.

NVIDIA Company Review - In 1999 the firm announced the GeForce 256In 1999 the firm announced the GeForce 256. It was notable for its use of the name “GPU”. A significant step forward was the consumer graphics card’s support for transformation and lighting. In some cases, the performance gain was quite significant. The video chip was about four times more powerful than a high-end processor.

In the same year, the brand split its cards into two series: Riva and Quadro. This division allowed them to enter all segments of the market without expanding production.

The year 2000 was greeted by success: the number of their chips sold reached 100 million.

The NVIDIA Company’s Core Products

The NVIDIA Company’s Core Products - GeForceGeForce

The GeForce line is a whole series of GPUs. The main advantage of the new product was T&L (Transform & Lighting). With their help, provided support for changing the location of three-dimensional objects. Specifically, work with their illumination and cutting off. Before that, all such tasks were performed by the CPU.

The latest development was the Turing microarchitecture in 2018, which was used in the 20-series cards. It included the latest RTX (Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme) technology. That was a revolutionary breakthrough in light reflection processing in video games.

The NVIDIA Company’s Core Products - Quadro


It is distinguished from GeForce gaming and consumer graphics cards by more reliable components. Quadro is capable of long-term work at peak loads.

They feature exclusive technologies:

  • Anti-aliasing up to x64x128,
  • Full memory cleanup,
  • Multiple desktop management with screen boundary adjustment,
  • High-precision distribution of computational workloads between multiple graphics cards.

In Conclusion

Nvidia is the real flagship of the computer graphics industryRight now Nvidia is the real flagship of the computer graphics industry. The broad development of its name shows that it is not going to give up. Brand products take an overwhelming place in the gaming industry. It is also successful in the field of heavy mathematical computing.


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FAQ About NVIDIA Company

It is a computer hardware company. Particularly in the video chip industry. It specializes in the design and development of high-performance graphics cards. Produces them for normal PC users, and high-speed mathematical calculations.

It is known for developing high-performance ICs. In the beginning, it was known for the production of video cards. Now the firm works extensively in many technical areas. Their models are used in many computer devices from consoles and PCs to supercomputers and AI.

Yes, it’s an American company. They were founded in 1993. The firm is also headquartered in America, in California. Nvidia has an impressive name in the computer industry. It has many offices and distributors all over the world. Now the brand has developed to a multinational level.

No, the firm is American. It was founded there, and the company is also headquartered in the US. However, the brand operates multiple offices worldwide, as well as in China. It also has a lot of production facilities in that country.

The firm owns about 36% of its shares. The founder of the brand owns 3.6% of its shares. The rest of the shares are circulating on the NYSE. The main shareholders are independent private equity firms and groups. The largest of them are Vanguard Group Inc, BlackRock Inc, and FMR LLC.

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