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MSI Company Review

MSI Company ReviewMicro-Star International (abbreviated MSI) is a multinational manufacturer focusing on computer hardware design and development. Originated in Taiwan, the firm quickly made its way into neighboring China. The general office is still located in the home country, specifically in New Taipei. After the previous CEO Charles Chiang passed away in 2021, Jeans Huang assumed the lead.

The MSI Company Background

Five entrepreneurs, including Jeans Huang, founded the enterprise 35 years ago. Having profound knowledge in computing, they all worked for Sony at one time.

The first steps were paved towards building motherboards. When the company introduced the 286-microprocessor model, it was considered a huge success. It then went on with the 486 and 586 editions.

After receiving the funds, the corporation tried itself in producing best graphics cards. By the end of the 90s, it also presented a so-called barebone device. The beginning of the 21st century inaugurated the expansion to Europe.

The Main Business Lines

MSI boasts a wide range of various computer devices today. Among the most popular are PCs, laptops, and motherboards. As the business has evolved, it offers peripherals, GPUs, and even storage servers.

MSI Company Review - The Company BackgroundThis giant is well-known for investing a lot in eSports. It worked together with such key figures as Fnatic and Cloud 9. It has often acted as a sponsor for numerous tournaments for more than ten years. MSI was attentively looking for a decent team to cooperate with. Everything came to a point when the enterprise opened its own team sponsorship project.

At present, the company is frequently seen at events like ESL or International. It supplies pro players with top-notch gaming peripherals. Besides, it has hosted the MSI MGA tournament for more than ten years.

The Path to Success

Established in Taiwan, the corporation quickly abandoned the homeland and went international. Today, it’s tightly linked to China having many development branches there. It also has offices all over the world, including the American and European continents. People from more than 120 countries work together with MSI. The approximate number of like-minded professionals exceeds 2,600.

Despite existing for many years, the firm doesn’t have a lot of subsidiaries. Among the most recognizable is FUNTORO. It saw the world in 2008 and became a part of the giant in 2016.

The enterprise boasts numerous awards for its developments and contribution to computer technologies. The recent is European Hardware Awards 2021 and RedDot 2021 Award.

The MSI Core Products

After switching to computer production, MSI’s reputation enhanced significantly. Today, it offers various laptops, but the most popular models of gaming laptops are designed for gamers. For example, GS66 is probably their best edition combining high-end specs and exquisite design.

MSI Company Review - MSI GS66Speaking of budget items, GV62 may suit someone’s taste. Big screen fans will definitely enjoy GP73 Leopard. At the same time, GT75 Titan shows maximum performance for the price stated.

In Conclusion

MSI does a great job of working its way up on the computer market. Despite not being the largest manufacturer, it has a loyal community. It boasts a wide range of constantly developing devices and peripherals.

It’s especially famous among the gaming fellowship providing superior rigs and sponsorship. With measured yet steady growth, the company awaits a glorious future.


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FAQ About MSI Company

Yes, it is a good brand. The firm has a wide range of computer equipment for all tastes and wallets. The firm is best known for its laptops, graphics cards, and computers. Has its own line of gaming laptops, peripherals, and devices. The company’s equipment is bought by both ordinary and professional gamers.

No, it is not. MSI is an international brand. Its main headquarters are in Taiwan, so we can say it is a Taiwanese company. The brand has its production facilities all over the world. Brand’s tech goes to more than 120 countries all over the world.

If we are talking about the gaming segment, definitely yes. The company has an advanced line of laptops, graphics cards, and peripherals. It has a lot of experience in their development. Under its belt, MSI has a lot of awards from different exhibitions for its devices.

Yes, it would be a good choice if you like to play PC computer games. Especially if you are graphics demanding and play only on ultra game settings. The brand’s laptops are actively used in the Indian market. The company’s notebooks have excellent iron for a relatively affordable price.

It’s not a one-sided question. It all depends on your requirements and tastes. Both companies have their own gaming lines of laptops, peripherals, and devices. ASUS and MSI have a lot of experience in this market.
When choosing, it is necessary to compare their devices on the performance and price. Then it is worth it to read reviews and comments from owners and make your choice.

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