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Logitech Company Review

Logitech Company ReviewLogitech International S.A. (also referred to as Logi) is a computer peripheral and software manufacturer. With the head office in Lausanne, Switzerland, it operates globally. Bracken Darrell is the acting CEO of the organization. He assumed this position in 2013.

The Logitech Company Background

Daniel Borel, Pierluigi Zappacosta, and Giacomo Marini established the corporation back in 1981. Initially, the enterprise functioned only within its homeland. The only production facility existing was based in Le Lieu, Vaud. This served as the place where Logitech created its first mouse generation.

Logitech Company Review - The Company Background

As two of the founding members were Stanford alumni, Logi quickly expanded into the US. Being a fledgling brand, it already had several offices in Silicon Valley. This led to a quick growth with the consequent appearance on the local market.

Due to the early success at mouse development, the firm continued in the same direction. Just two years later, it presented the second generation of products from this category. Working hard towards opening new borders, the C7 model was designed in 1985.

Having no desire to stop at this point, Logitech started to produce other computer peripherals. It even launched its own digital camera called FotoMan when focusing on electronics in general.

The Main Business Lines

Today, the company has been recognized as the world’s leading mouse manufacturer. Its devices are sold globally and include keyboards, webcams, speakers, and even tablet accessories.

Logitech Company Review - The Main Business LinesWith the growing sales volume, it started a chain of acquisitions. Now, it has several Logitech subdivisions along with numerous subsidiaries. Some of them are involved in the same sphere while others produce different products. For example, Blue Microphones develop recording tools, microphones, and headsets.

The Path to Success

The expansion continued with opening branches in Taiwan, Hungary, and Ireland. Additionally, the better half of the production processes were moved to China. This allowed the corporation to decrease the final products’ prices and speed up the pipeline.

Logitech International Design Awards and the Red Dot Product Design AwardsLogitech has earned more than 250 trophies for its 40-year history. Among the latest are the International Design Awards and the Red Dot Product Design Awards. These prizes are connected with its unique approach concerning the overall look of devices.

The Logitech Core Products

Today, the enterprise creates all kinds of peripherals and computer rigs. Its product range isn’t limited to mice only. Users can also find other well-sold items that are worth looking at.

Logitech Company Review - The Core ProductsDespite offering office-oriented keyboards, G915 is an exception. Any player would adore this masterpiece due to its lightness and mobility. Its switches are a delight to touch and react quickly.

Coming down to music fans, G pro X gaming headset is a perfect option for budget-minded buyers. It produces a punchy sound with no extra noises.

For those who often make video calls or stream, C920 would be a great choice. It delivers a smooth 1080p picture with stable FPS.

In Conclusion

With tons of experience under its belt, Logitech is a true computer giant. This company produces unique computer devices famous for their design and affordability.

It has managed to expand from a small brand to a world-leading manufacturer. With a history like that, the enterprise has a bright future indeed.

FAQ About Logitech Company

The brand was founded by three people in 1981 in Switzerland. Since two of the founders were Stanford graduates, the company quickly expanded to the US. Further offices were opened in Silicon Valley. Following the success in selling mice and keyboards, the company expanded into several more countries.
Now the brand’s products have spread all over the world.

Yes, it’s a reliable one. It is a market leader in the production of computer peripherals and devices. This brand develops in all spheres of computer technology. As a company, it rapidly grows in all areas of computer technology. So its products are in high demand on the market.

You can judge a company’s success by its development. This brand started with the production of computer mice. Now, it produces all the peripherals and even more. It has several offices around the world and a huge number of distributors. There are several types of consumer audiences that the firm works for.

The brand is known for the devices it started with, namely computer mice. Logitech makes innovative, lightweight, and high-tech mice for office workers and gamers alike. There are several types of mice, every type is designed for specific needs and audiences. Exploring new markets, it has also become known for its mechanical keyboards and gaming headsets.

The company produces several types. In the beginning, the company made office mice. They were distinguished by their reliability and build. Now the firm is producing such devices for both ordinary users and gamers. Gaming mice of this brand are famous for their high accuracy, recognized design, and ergonomics.

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