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Lenovo Company Review

Lenovo Company ReviewLenovo Group Limited is a multinational giant focusing on consumer electronics and computer technologies. Established in China, it’s considered Chinese-American today. It happened due to the large-scale acquisition of well-known IBM brands. The enterprise’s homeland Beijing still serves as the global head office. Yang Yuanqing is the acting chairman and CEO since 2012.

The Lenovo Company Background

Founded under the name of Legend in 1984, it was renamed Lenovo 20 years later. An expensive rebranding like this cost more than 315 million USD. It all started with Liu Chuanzhi and ten others at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The government invested about $25,000 in the startup.

Lenovo Company Review - The Company Background

Firstly, the group worked with the researchers that took place at CAS. One year later, they’ve got an opportunity to check and maintain IBM computers. The entire activity still happened at the academy with a tight budget.

The first attempt to function independently failed. Legend specialized in television yet moved to computer development by the beginning of the 90s. After releasing KT8920, it was the starting point on the PC market.

The Main Business Lines

Lenovo offers a truly large selection of electronic products. Among the most popular are PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, the range is constantly increasing providing even storage rigs and television devices.

After buying out IBM’s THINK-brand, the company quickly expanded it. Today, a lot of people use ThinkPad and ThinkCentre models.

The Legion brand was created specifically for players. A great number of top-notch laptops and various peripherals are released under this name. The main sales point is the affordable price. Gaming rigs are quite expensive, so the company sets the cost as low as possible.

The Path to Success

The received funds from servicing IBM computers were invested in future development. At first, the enterprise was operating only in China. The local community quickly became acquainted with the products and started applying them at home.

With the growing income, the firm launched the chain of acquisitions. Among the most well-known ones is the integration of IBM’s PC and server business.

Lenovo Company Review - The Path to SuccessStriving to expand on the American and European continents, Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility and Medion. Despite its quick growth, the corporation had to change its development strategy. In the early 2000s, it had to start producing more laptops, as PCs became less relevant.

Today, the company boasts a total net income exceeding $1.313 billion. It has over 71 thousand employees in around 180 countries. With offices in more than 60 countries, it’s the largest PC distributer globally.

The Lenovo Core Products

Since Lenovo is mostly popular for producing laptops, it has some models to boast. ThinkPad X1 Carbon is great for business purposes combining high specs and functionality.

Lenovo Company Review - Legion 5 ProModern gamers will definitely appreciate Legion 5 Pro. Just like other devices from this line, it runs all demanding titles.

Generally, any consumer can find the suiting rig with a continuously growing range of products.

Final Words

Lenovo tries to hold the top position in the PC market. It applies different methods and strategies to expand even more. With the large selection of items provided and prices low, it’s a great choice indeed.

With the challenging background, the company succeeded in what was pursued. Using its experience, the enterprise will keep growing worldwide further.


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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro review

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FAQ About Lenovo Company

It depends on your requirements. The company makes many computers and laptops to suit different needs and wallets. A laptop from this brand would be a great option for everyday work. In general, the company produces devices at a reasonable price for everyone.

Yes, it is. The company was founded in China. The country’s government invested $25,000 in the then firm called Legend in 1984. It is also headquartered in China. The brand’s devices are also manufactured in China, as well as in India and Japan.

No, the company is a Chinese company. It was also founded in China. However, being an international brand at the moment, it has many connections all over the world. This includes the US, for example the firm has a strong relationship with US-based IBM.

Yes, the brand’s devices are manufactured in India. The company has many manufacturing facilities in that country. In particular, the firm produces laptops, desktops and smartphones there. Lenovo also has its own factories in their native China and in Japan.

No, the company is an independent player in the computer manufacturing market. Both brands are avid competitors with each other. And Lenovo and HP make the same types of devices and target a wide audience. The firm’s devices come in roughly the same price range. They differ in their variability to suit different needs.

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