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HyperX Company Review

HyperX Company ReviewHyperX is an American memory product and gaming peripheral manufacturer. The corporation acts as a subdivision and like-named brand belonging to HP Inc. Its head office is located in Fountain Valley, US with numerous branches over the world. Gregory John Cleven is the current CEO of the organization.

The HyperX Company Background

Established in 2002, the enterprise dealt with memory modules, SSDs, and USB flash drives. Initially, HyperX was a part of Kingston Technology, which was expanding its gaming borders. All the products released under this brand were made specifically for players.

HyperX Company Review - The Company BackgroundIt has gone a long way from producing DDR1 bars to the fastest DDR4 equivalents. Just two years after the foundation, it presented a DDR2 unit. After that, the tech community realized HyperX’s overclocking potential.
The subdivision got a number of investments to continue doing the research. In 2007, it presented a DDR3 module, which was a complete novelty at that time. It boasted 1-2GB capacity, which was a lot for existing games.

Despite having a decent frequency rate of 1500-1875MHz, it could be more. Therefore, the firm went further and worked harder towards maximum overclocking.

The Main Business Lines

As of today, the company is the world’s leading memory product manufacturer. It has also launched its own series of keyboards, mice, and mouse mats. However, the most successful line is HyperX’s headphones.

HyperX supports some of the best gaming teams in the world
HyperX supports some of the best gaming teams in the world

Cooperating tightly with the gaming community, it has become a frequent tournament sponsor. Besides, well-known eSports teams like Alliance, Team Liquid, and SK-Gaming use their headsets.

The expansion has gone further making its earpieces available on Xbox One. On top of that, numerous basketball clubs like Philadelphia 76ers have signed contracts with it. This has made its earphones worldwide respected indeed.

The Path to Success

The vigorous growth aroused HP’s interest in the brand. This led to the latter buying out HyperX in 2022. After the acquisition was officially closed, Kingston earned $425 million.

As the outspread continued, the corporation established offices in Europe, Taiwan, and China. Numerous devices including the headphone range are now produced on the Asian continent.

In 2014, the enterprise set the world’s record by overclocking its DDR3 4GB RAM bar. It managed to change the frequency from 2933MHz to 4500MHz. The same was repeated with a DDR4 module setting another record.
The firm also boasts international trophies. Some of them are the 2018 Red Dot Award and the 2018 iF Design Award.

The HyperX Core Products

Developing memory products remains the company’s key feature. However, it’s worth taking a look at its other rigs created for gamers. Starting with the Cloud II earpieces, it’s by far the masterpiece of its category. It has a clean sound combined with a built-in mic for additional comfort.

HyperX Company Review - The Core ProductsComing down to the Pulsefire Raid mouse, it’s a highly ergonomic item. It boasts several configurable buttons and attractive RGB lighting. Speaking of the keyboard sector, Alloy Elite is a true finding for players. Highly responsive switches are combined with a unique design and affordable price.

In Conclusion

Having gone through many challenges, HyperX is still the best manufacturer in its activity area. It offers premium and extremely performant options for both amateurs and pros.

The brand has great perspectives due to its vast experience and 20-year history. Becoming a part of HP will only support its creativity and future goals.

FAQ About HyperX Company

This brand is at the forefront of computer RAM manufacturing. The company has been making it for almost 20+ years. The brand has expanded considerably and gained tremendous experience in the field of RAM development. It works with many top gaming companies and cybersports teams.

The brand was founded in 2002. It was part of Kingston Technology at the time. Due to the company’s major successes in RAM development, HP became interested in the brand. In 2022, HyperX was bought by HP for $425 million. The firm retained its autonomy and continued to manufacture its products under its brand.

HyperX is a top player in this market. It not only manufactures but also develops RAM itself. The brand’s developments are significantly driving progress in this area of computer technology. The company’s RAM modules are known for their high-speed performance and reliability.

The company was started as a sub-division of Kingston Tech. HyperX was sold to HP for $425 million. The brand has been owned by HP since 2022.
However, HyperX makes products under its label. HP, in turn, is investing a lot in the firm to develop and promote it even more.

Yes, it is. It is headquartered in the United States, in Fountain Valley. Due to rapid growth, the company has opened offices in Europe, Taiwan, and China. The brand also began to produce various game peripherals and has made significant progress. Now the firm produces not only RAM but also keyboards, headsets, and mice.

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