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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Review

Hewlett Packard EnterpriseHewlett Packard Enterprise Review – HP is a household name in the information technology segment. The most well-known products of the company are personal computers and printers. Also, it manufactures related supplies and creates 3D printing solutions, as well as hardware components. Software and various business services are a part of their activity as well.

The Hewlett Packard Company Background

The Hewlett Packard Company Background
Hewlett Packard founders William Hewlett (left) and David Packard (right) with transistor electronic meters at the factory

Its history dates back to 1939. That year Bill Hewlett together with David Packard began their work in a small garage. These two electrical engineering degree holders resided in Palo-Alto, the State of California.

To start off, they developed a series of electronic measurement equipment. Furthermore, the company had a chance to win a big contract and quickly expanded.

The Hewlett Packard Company BackgroundThe initial Hewlett Packard company existed until 2015. Then it was restructured to become Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It set up a Hewlett Packard enterprise to handle business services and products from then on. While HPE. itself retained the PC and printer business segments.

The company is known for its high level of corporate social responsibility. It actively participates in various environmental projects and develops global citizenship programs.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise – The Main Business Lines

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - The Main Business Lines

  • Personal computers. The main focus is on desktops and laptops for professional business owners and regular consumers.
  • Printers. It includes inkjet and laser ones of various formats, digital presses, and plotters. In addition, there’s a series of mobile photo printers.
  • Monitors. HP offers mid-range and high-end gaming screens along with workstation monitors.
  • Supplementary activity. In 2022 HP purchased HyperX, Kingston Technology’s gaming peripherals division.
  • Audio partnership. In 2015 the company announced a collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. They got involved in sound equipment production for HP devices.
  • Solutions for business. These are products and services, aimed to develop businesses, such as JetAdvantage or MPS.

The Path to Success

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Review - The Path to SuccessThe first serious consumer of Hewlett and Packard was Walt Disney in 1938. They provided measurement tools and tests for the studio. It allowed them to formally establish the company the next year.

The businessmen had another success after presenting an audio oscillator in 1939. It was a more stable model than the ones by other competitors on the market. In addition, they offered a significantly lower price. It evolved into a series of generators and their production continued until 1972.

Gradually, HP grew into a multinational corporation with its headquarters in Palo-Alto. It’s the 2nd largest PC treader in the world, coming right after Lenovo. In 2018 it was also ranked the 58th largest US company by total revenue.

The Hewlett Packard’s Core Products

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Review - HP is strongly associated with printers and computersIn a consumer’s mind, HP is strongly associated with printers and computers. Although it’s been working on other products as well, these are the most popular courses.

Currently, the company has over a dozen PC lines, including both consumer-oriented and business ones. There’s a great variety of desktops and laptops for every type of user. Affordable and premium models, professional workstations, and high-end gaming machines are all available for purchase.

Hewlett Packard - EliteBook, Pavilion, Envy, Spectre и ProBookEliteBook, Pavilion, Envy, Spectre, and ProBook are some of the most well-known lines on the market. Other than that, HP has a series of Linux-based laptops that run Chrome OS.

Hewlett Packard - HP printers, LaserJetAs for printers, LaserJet is one of the most usable printing gadgets in the world. You can find it in almost every office these days. Over time HP has earned a solid reputation and lots of experience in this area.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, HP is a global corporation with facilities in multiple countries across the world. In 2001 it promoted itself as a supplier of more than just software and hardware. It’s been providing the full scope of services to support and develop the IT industry.


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FAQ About Hewlett Packard Company

It is based in the United States of America. Since its foundation more than 80 years ago, HP’s been directing operations from Palo-Alto, California. That is why it cannot be called a Chinese company. There’s just the HP representative office in China, just like in many other countries.

In 2022 the company announced the start of manufacturing various PC products in India. It was presented as a part of its “Make in India” initiative. Meanwhile, HP is purely an American brand with headquarters in California.

HP Inc. is a self-sufficient company founded in California back in 1939. It had multiple collaborations and partnerships along the way. In 2001 it merged with Compaq. However, there has never been a superior organization for HP.

Its specification is information technology. HP sells printers, personal computers and various hardware components. It also delivers business solutions, including software and other services in the IT industry.

Enrique Lores has been leading the company since 2019. He’s an electrical engineering degree holder who joined the team in 1989 as an intern. Currently, Lores successfully maintains and develops HP’s position in the global IT market.

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