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Gigabyte Company Review

Gigabyte Company Review - Gigabyte Technology is an international computer hardware manufacturerGigabyte Technology (often referred to as GIGABYTE) is an international computer hardware manufacturer. Established in Taiwan, the brand has developed globally. It has two headquarters – one is in its homeland and another is in the US. Ming-Hsiung Liu is the acting CEO of the organization.

The Gigabyte Company Background

Since its inception, the firm has been famous for motherboard assembling. The enterprise was grounded back in 1986 and quickly developed in this segment. Pei-Cheng Yeh was the founder with a small team working together with him. He’s also the current chairman of the corporation.

Gigabyte Company Review - The Gigabyte Company BackgroundAs the company grew, it enlarged its influence sphere producing graphics cards and laptops. It all led to creating a sub-brand called Aero working towards creating a super-thin machine.

Developing its electronics potential, Gigabyte went on with making iPad and iPhone chargers. When it became clear that the organization was promising, NVIDIA started working with it. A bit later on, AMD followed the same path.

The Main Business Lines

Today, the firm creates and distributes computer hardware and related peripherals. It has become the leading vendor in the motherboard sector. On top of that, its top gaming graphics cards are in high demand all around the world.

Gigabyte Company become the leading vendor in the motherboard sectorThe organization doesn’t have too many affiliated corporations, as it usually acts independently. Though, its products are widely seen not only among GPU manufacturers. Firms like Alienware and Origin PC also install Gigabyte components when building their goods.

Recently, the company has often been seen as an eSports tournament sponsor. It’s mainly connected with its subsidiary brand named Aorus Pte. Ltd. The latter is specializing in gaming equipment and computer electronics.

The Path to Success

Starting as a small Taiwanese computer hardware creator, it’s become a world-known corporation. Being the leader in a motherboard-manufacturing segment, Gigabyte is everywhere. The brand keeps growing its potential increasing its revenue and creating new devices.

Gigabyte Company - The company boasts numerous awards under its beltThe company boasts numerous awards under its belt. Among the most popular ones is Red Dot Design Award 2022. There’s also a CES 2023 Innovation Awards prize. Many of its motherboards have become the winner thanks to its own-built Ultra Durable technology.

Spreading its influence, the enterprise has moved far away from its tiny motherland. Gigabyte now has offices and divisions worldwide with about 3000 people working with it. Additionally, its revenue has reached $3 billion at the end of 2022.

The Gigabyte Company’s Core Products

Gigabyte Company - motherboard Z690 Aorus ProThinking of the most known items released by the enterprise, it’s definitely motherboards. As of today, the Z690 Aorus Pro is the finest masterpiece used by many gamers. It works with Intel CPUs providing supreme performance and different slots needed.

Gigabyte keyboard Aorus K1Coming down to the keyboard sector, the Aorus K1 is worth looking at. It features mechanical switches together with RGB lighting. Every button press brings a delight providing full immersion into a title.

In Conclusion

Being a prospective brand, Gigabyte moves forward. It distributes top-notch products spreading its influence on the market.

Constantly growing, the corporation achieves new results and broadens its horizons. With an impressive workforce and global presence, the corporation has a promising future.

FAQ About Gigabyte Company

Yes, Gigabyte is a strong player in the computer hardware market. Their most requested products are graphics cards and motherboards. Many leading computer companies like Alienware and Origin PC use them in their PC designs. Gigabyte is also involved in the manufacturing of computers, specifically gaming notebooks.

It was founded in Taiwan. Now it’s developed all over the world. The brand headquarters are located in 2 countries: the United States and Taiwan. The brand strengthens its computer technology business quickly. It develops new market segments for itself. For example, it produces its line of gaming laptops.

The brand is known worldwide for its motherboards. The company has been producing them for a long time. Accordingly, it has a lot of experience in its production. Their boards are of the highest performance and have all kinds of slots. Many of their motherboards are winners at many exhibitions due to their built-in Ultra Durable technology.

Both companies are at the forefront of motherboard manufacturing. They produce a variety of types to suit different needs. Gigabyte concentrates on developing the highest speed boards and develops its own technology. If you aspire to play on top hardware, then Gigabyte motherboards are your choice.

Gigabyte is known for making graphics cards and motherboards. Its graphics cards are used in many advanced computers. The company’s boards are fast and have multiple slots. The brand collaborates with a lot of video card companies, such as Nvidia. In all the top PC builds you can see the products of this firm.

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