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EVOO Company Review

EVOO Company ReviewEVOO Company Review – It’s hard to imagine modern life without a laptop or PC or similar gadget. Most people need one for working, studying or having fun. And the market answers to the growing demand.

Previously, there were only a couple of big brands. But now, consumers enjoy a huge number of manufacturers producing gadgets for anyone’s needs. EVOO is one of these companies creating low-budget options.

We’ve been hearing a lot about this brand recently. People keep asking questions about its products. But there is not that much information to find. We’ve decided to collect everything in one place and focus on EVOO in more detail.

EVOO Brand – The Company Background

EVOO Brand - company WalmartEVOO is a brand of laptops and computers owned by a multinational retail company Walmart. You can find these devices in its retail stores (also on Amazon).

EVOO computers and laptops produced in China by Shenzhen Bmorn TechnologyHowever, Walmart doesn’t manufacture them: they’re produced in China by Shenzhen Bmorn Technology. By the way, it also makes models for Gateway.

EVOO Company Phone Number

Phone Number

Shenzhen Headquarters Phone: 0755-85266966

Factory Phone: 0769-83998909

The Main Business Lines

EVOO Company gaming laptops, notebooks and computersEVOO focuses on creating gaming and general use gaming laptops, notebooks and computers for the low price segment. As a rule, they’re not as powerful as its famous competitors like Razer Blade.

However, some models have a nice build to satisfy most users. According to reviews, the quality to price ratio is quite impressive.

The Path to Success

The company is new in the market, so it wants to win its audience’s trust. We can mark 2 key strategies that the brand is using right now.

They’ll ultimately lead it to success:

  1. Price policies. If you compare the cost, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It’s lower than any other manufacturers’ offers. In this way, EVOO wins popularity and gains a more solid market position.
  2. Warranty. Of course, all manufacturers provide clients with a standard one-year warranty period. This is what you’ll get if you buy a device from Amazon. But it’ll be significantly prolonged if you purchase a model from Walmart.

EVOO Laptop – The Core Products

EVOO Laptop - EVOO 2022 VR Ready Gaming LaptopEVOO makes computers and notebooks for different purposes. You can find devices for gaming, studying, and working. Here is a short list of the most popular options:

  • EVOO Gaming 15.6” Laptop LP-7
  • EVOO 2022 VR Ready Gaming Laptop
  • EVOO 14.1-Inch Ultra Slim Notebook

EVOO Computer Company – In Conclusion

Now you know more about EVOO to help you when choosing a brand and computer. However, watch detailed reviews of particular models before buying. Make sure it has enough features to satisfy your needs.


EVOO LP-7 Laptop: 8-Core AMD CPU, Nvidia RTX-Class Graphics

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FAQ About EVOO Company

No, it’s not. EVOO is Walmart’s brand of laptops and notebooks meant for gaming and everyday use. However, it’s a common approach to delegate manufacturing tasks to Asian countries. It allows industries to reduce expenses. In the case of EVOO, the manufacturer is Shenzhen Bmorn Technology, a Chinese company. You might have heard about it as it also makes devices for Gateway.

EVOO models stand out thanks to their price. They are way cheaper than their competitors. Users have expected them to perform worse due to low-cost parts. But they have surprised everyone by working just fine. If you’re budget-restricted, opt for EVOO. It won’t be cutting-edge technological marvel-like models from Razer Blade. But it’ll be several times cheaper, keeping the balance between the quality and price.

EVOO belongs to an American multinational retail company Walmart. The models are manufactured in China and then shipped all over the world. It’s possible to purchase them in one of Walmart’s stores or on Amazon. However, it’s better to buy from the brand’s owner as it offers a prolonged warranty.

EVOO electronics are produced by the Asian company Shenzhen Bmorn Technology. The products are then distributed to different countries under the EVOO brand. Buyers can find them online on Amazon or visit one of Walmart’s chain stores.

EVOO is known for offering low-budget laptops and notebooks for gaming and general use. It’s relatively new in the market. All models are cheaper than any similar devices provided by competitors. Slim design and good performance are starting to win popularity among buyers.

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