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Dell Company Review

Dell Company ReviewDell Inc. is a worldwide functioning corporation focusing on computer development and sale. It also provides various electronic devices and deals with repair services. The main office is still located in Round Rock, Texas. Michael Dell is the acting chairman and CEO. He’s always been at the helm of the brand except for several years.

The Dell Company Background

The enterprise was established in the US under the name of PC’s Limited. Michael Dell grounded the future giant with an initial budget of $1000 in 1984. The money was borrowed from his family when Michael was studying at the university. After a successful start, he quickly left the establishment.

Dell Company Review - The Company BackgroundOriginally, the firm dealt with building PCs from stock components. Besides, it applied the strategy to sell products directly to customers. It was a novelty back then and Michael succeeded in this way of doing business. This also allowed him to understand what locals wanted to get concerning computer technologies.

Just one year later, fledgling enterprise released its own PC with the funds earned. By using the above-mentioned method, Michael managed to sell more units at a reasonable price.

To go worldwide, the company changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1987.

The Main Business Lines

Historically, the corporation has always been hand-in-hand with computer technologies. Today, it vends desktops, laptops, and related peripherals. Among less popular products are HDTVs, cameras, and printers. Despite its tremendous size, Dell doesn’t produce any inside components.

The specified devices are designed in two editions – office use and gaming purposes. It’s still possible to order a machine assembled for one’s particular taste. This is one of the main company’s selling points compared with other similar manufacturers.

The Path to Success

After going global, the first international deal was carried out. It took place in the UK and was more than prosperous. This chain continued with eleven more operations executed. As the income grew, Dell bought out EMC Corporation in 2015. This became the largest acquisition in the technology sphere.

Dell Company Review - The Path to SuccessWith around $94 billion in revenue, the enterprise is the third-largest computer distributor. It’s also the first-rate PC monitor vendor. The company is ranked 34th place on the Fortune 500 list. Having more than 165,000 workers globally, it’s one of the biggest employers in the electronics sector.

The Core Products

Being present in almost any high-tech segment, the brand boasts a variety of products. The most well-known rigs from Dell include XPS 15. It’s considered one of the premium items with top-notch specifications and unique design.

Dell Company Review - Dell XPS 15Buying Inspiron 15 3000 would be the right decision for tight-budget users. It can serve as a mid-range gaming machine or perfect work gadget.

Speaking of monitors, the corporation offers a lot of decent displays. For example, S2722QC is designed for offices. At the same time, Alienware AW2521H suits players’ needs best.

Final Words

Dell is a truly gigantic company with a global presence. It has achieved impressive results by functioning for over 35 years. With a large selection of computer products, it meets today’s demands in all spheres.

Despite its quick and progressive growth, the brand serves people following its own strategy. With a rich background like this, it has a great potential for further expansion.


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FAQ About Dell Company

No, Dell is an American firm. It was founded in 1984. The founder of the brand is Michael Dell. It had a start-up capital of $1,000. Dell had borrowed this money from his parents when he was in university. Michael Dell has been the CEO of the company since 1984.

The owner and CEO is Michael Dell. He is one of the longest-serving holders of such positions in the computer industry. Since 2013, Dell has been a public company. Even after the merger with EMC, Michael Dell stayed at the helm of the brand.

No, Dell is not owned by Microsoft. Microsoft invested 2 billion in Dell in 2013. The two companies are in close contact with each other. Microsoft is one of the main shareholders of the company, only the CEO has more. Silver Lake firm also owns a large stake in the firm.

The company has many factories. A huge number of them are located in America. They employ over 165 thousand people. In India, the brand also has its production facilities. It regularly invests in this market and expands its presence there. It is worth noting that the firm is reducing its production in China.

Yes, it is an American brand. It was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, who is now the CEO of the company. The firm is one of the top 3 largest computer companies. It is spread all over the world and has factories in a lot of countries. Most of its production facilities are located in the United States. It also has manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan, Brazil, and India.

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