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Cougar Company Review

Cougar Company ReviewCougar is a gaming peripheral manufacturer focusing on products specifically for players. Its origins come from Germany with numerous divisions working globally today. Christian Diedrichsen is the acting CEO of the organization.

The Cougar Company Background

The enterprise was founded in 2008 dealing with the PC components sphere. Back then, it produced cooling systems and cases. After a while, it launched its own line of gamer-aimed devices.

Cougar Company Review - The Cougar Company BackgroundCougar isn’t the most popular brand on the American continent. Though, it’s expanding in Europe and Asia. With the initial success, it quickly opened a branch in Cyprus. Then, it developed a manufacturing plant in China. Eventually, a new division was created in Taiwan.

Christian Diedrichsen established the firm with the idea to meet players’ needs above anything else. He was sure no one was making rigs with sufficient passion. Today, the corporation manages to combine affordable prices and a large range of goods.

The Main Business Lines

Not so long ago, the company asserted itself in chair manufacturing. It quickly expanded this series offering racing-like seats. Combining excellent adjustability, it boasts a classic design as well. All the devices are presented in several colors with the modern features gamers adore.

Cougar Company Review - The Main Business LinesAlong with that, Cougar keeps working with PC peripherals and components. It’s often seen as a partner in different international tournaments. Sometimes, the firm also acts as a sponsor.

The Path to Success

There are more than 20 people working hard to open innovative solutions for players. The brand already boasts revenue of about $4 million.

Cougar Company Review - One of the corporation’s mice won the iF Award in 2014One of the corporation’s mice won the iF Award in 2014. The same year, it received the COMPUTEX Design & Innovation Award.

The Core Products

Cougar’s gaming chairs are famous for their affordability and ergonomics. They’re a delight to sit in, which is what a user needs for long sessions. The Cougar Explore S model is perfect in all senses. It seems attractive, boasts adjustability, and costs decently.

Cougar Company Review - The Core ProductsThe Armor One Royal seat is designed to make one’s back feel no pain. It features a full-black overall look along with extra lumbar support.

In Conclusion

The enterprise does a great job of becoming one of the world’s leading brands. It has a large variety of products suiting the gamers’ needs.

With the reasonable price policy and constant expansion, Cougar has a promising future indeed.

FAQ About Cougar Company

No, it is a German brand. It was established in Germany and is headquartered there as well. Cougar offers a wide variety of gaming devices for gamers. This firm has widespread manufacturing facilities for example in China and Taiwan. They are very popular and cater to a wide market of customers.

Yes, you could call it one. Cougar is a dedicated company that develops its gadgets for players. They have a lot of experience in developing various gaming accessories. It is a well-known firm, which also indicates the high quality of its products.

At first, the firm worked for the European market. After its success and acquiring a name, the country now has 3 manufacturers. Its products are manufactured and assembled in 3 countries: Germany, China and Taiwan. Now the firm is increasing the production of its devices in China.

Cougar has a wide range of gaming chairs. They are designed with professional gamers in mind. Their chairs are distinguished by their ergonomics, quality of detail and assembly. Eco-leather as a filling helps improve the user’s comfort position.

At first, the company manufactured its products in its home country of Germany. After gaining popularity among players, it needed to expand to satisfy demand. First, the firm opened a branch in Cyprus, then in China and Taiwan. Now, most of the brand’s devices are made in China.

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