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Corsair Company Review

Corsair - is a computer hardware and gaming equipment manufacturerCorsair Gaming. Inc. is a computer hardware and gaming equipment manufacturer. Originated in the US, it now has branches all over the world. Its head office is located in Fremont, California. Andy Paul is the acting CEO of the corporation. He has assumed this position since the company’s inception.

The Corsair Company Background

Initially, the enterprise was established as Corsair Microsystems Inc. in 1994. It was renamed shortly after it got clear that its product range was enlarging. Andy Paul was the forebear of the future giant. Among other founding members were Don Lieberman and John Beekley.

The Corsair Company Background - Corsair went on with DRAM units focusing on the server marketAt the very beginning, it only dealt with cache modules cooperating with different OEMs. Later on, the firm went on with DRAM units focusing on the server market. Developing this direction led to creating perfect-quality overclocking items that were a novelty back then.

After many years of working on this project, CPU and RAM chips became more performant. The brand has even released a few series devoted particularly to overclocking models.

The Main Business Lines

As of today, the company creates and distributes top-notch DRAM modules and gaming peripherals. Additionally, it designs case cooling systems and SSDs. Besides, it also deals with devices for amateur and pro players.

The Corsair Company - The Main Business LinesOne of the main reasons that pushed the corporation towards was the COVID-19 outbreak. The demand for gaming accessories rose unbelievably high making Corsair produce more products.

Thanks to its overclocking potential, a lot of content creators choose this brand’s hardware. This also led to revenue rise stimulating the enterprise’s growth.

The Path to Success

Being one of the biggest cache module manufacturers brought huge investments to the company. Everything ended up with EagleTree Capital buying out the biggest part of the corporation. Then, Corsair had enough money to start its chain of acquisitions acting independently.

Among the earliest of them was Elgato Gaming. After expanding in the gaming sector, ORIGIN PC Corp. and SCUF Gaming were bought out.

The Corsair Company - K100 RGB keyboard was admitted the best of its kindThe firm was nominated as one of the most successful computer hardware manufacturers. It received this award in 2014 at Global Game Awards. Only 6 years later, its K100 RGB keyboard was admitted the best of its kind.

Today, Corsair has a manufacturing plant in Taiwan distributing its products worldwide. It has branches in North America, Europe, and Asia. With more than $1.9 billion in revenue and 2000 people working together, it strives forward.

The Corsair Company’s core products

Let’s engage deeper in what Corsair goods are actually in great demand:

Also, the K100 RGB keyboard that’s been designed for gamers. It has all the features to bring joy every time a button is pressed.

Corsair Company Harpoon RGB Wireless mouseThe Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse boasts a sleek shape along with numerous programmable buttons. It fits any hand size and is usable in any modern game equally effective.

Corsair Company Hydro Series H100i Pro RGBGetting down to hardware, the Hydro Series H100i Pro RGB is the finest cooling system. Any player will be delighted to install a device like this. It shows perfect results keeping the temperature low even when running demanding titles.

In Conclusion

Corsair is a brand that deserves the popularity it has. Making its way from a small firm to a world-famous giant means a lot.

It has all the perspectives to enlarge even more creating new uniquely designed products. With the departments all over the world, it has a promising future for sure.

FAQ About Corsair Company

Yes, the firm is American. Corsair was founded in California in 1994. At the beginning, it was a microsystems company. After the initial success, the brand started to expand into other playing markets. Now it’s at the forefront of gaming peripherals and PC components.

The brand is based in the USA. It is a large, diversified firm. Currently, the CEO is Andy Paul. As of 2021, the company is owned by EagleTree Capital. It holds more than 57% of the brand’s shareholding. Such a large stake indicates that Corsair is fully controlled by ETC.

Yes, the company has huge production facilities there. It manufactures all of its products there, from peripherals to computer components. Also the brand has its production plants in Hungary and Taiwan. However, the dominant production is located on the territory of China.

Yes, it is a top company in the market. Its devices are very popular with both casual gamers and professionals. It is best known for its lineup of gaming peripherals. Buyers praise the quality of the devices, their reliability, and their quality control.

Corsair is known for its computer hardware and gaming peripherals. At first, the company didn’t target gamers, but now it does. The most in-demand are computer mats, keyboards and mice. Gamers praise the brand for the high quality, ergonomics and design of their devices.

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