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Cooler Master Company Review

Cooler Master Technology Inc. is a multinational corporation focusing on computer hardware developmentCooler Master Technology Inc. is a multinational corporation focusing on computer hardware development. Currently, it’s functioning worldwide yet headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan. Jimmy Sha is the acting CEO of the organization.

The Cooler Master Company Background

Initially, the enterprise dealt with computer cases and CPU coolers. Later on, it switched to producing other thermal regulating elements. That’s where the firm’s name came from. Gaining popularity all around the homeland, it expanded into China as well.

Cooler Master Company Review - The Company BackgroundAfter Jimmy Sha founded the brand in 1992, it only worked with inside components. As the growth continued, the corporation started producing laptop cooling pads. With technology development, it managed to create air and liquid systems to keep the temperature down.

Back in 2008, Cooler Master created a subsidiary named CM Storm. It had a mission to design and sell gaming devices. Among the most popular products were mouses, keyboards, and headsets. The company came into line with eSports teams like MOUZ and Frag Dominant. However, this brand ceased to exist 4 years ago.

The Main Business Lines

Today, the firm is actively cooperating with such prominent giants as NVIDIA and AMD. It releases top-notch cooling systems acting as an original equipment manufacturer.

Cooler Master Company Review - The Main Business LinesAs the corporation’s product range has risen, it now deals with various peripherals. It kind of casts itself as a gaming device designer. Though, it strives to create rigs for all groups of users.

On top of that, the organization often serves as a sponsor of different eSports events. With a noticeable success in this sphere, it has even started to release gaming equipment.

The Path to Success

After creating influence in the Asian market, the enterprise went further spreading globally. For that, a few branch offices were established on the American continent. Europe was the second in this line. Various departments were opened in the most populated countries.

As of today, Cooler Master operates globally with almost 3000 people employed. Its revenue has significantly increased and is now about $571 million. The corporation has been declared as one of the best cooler producing brands. Some of its devices have earned the iF product design award.

The Core Products

Despite being famous mostly for its thermal regulating systems, the firm boasts other computer hardware. It’s been investing a lot in gaming peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and even headphones.

Cooler Master Company Review - The Core ProductsSpeaking of its focal area, Hyper 212 Evo CPU is its greatest invention. This system is probably the best purchase one can make for an affordable price.

MH670 is a representation of tastefully designed earphones. At the same time, MM711 looks like a perfect lightweight mouse for a reasonable cost. Coming down to the keyboard section, MK730 is a decent choice for mechanical switches fans.

Final Words

With a noticeable presence on all continents, Cooler Master has become a high-profile brand. It’s known for high-quality yet budget-minded options in various computer segments.

Featuring incomparable performance makes this brand unique among similar competitors. Having 30 years of a challenging experience, the corporation surely awaits a bright future ahead.

FAQ About Cooler Master Company

The brand was founded in Taiwan. Its headquarters are also in this country. It was founded in 1992 and manufactures computer hardware components. Most known for its developments in the area of efficient cooling. The company also produces under its name cases, gaming peripherals and power supplies.

Yes, they have some great models. Basically, the brand is built around the production of efficient cooling systems for personal computers. Their fans are efficient, have a nice gaming design and most importantly are quiet. The price is also acceptable for such a high-quality product.

Yes, the company’s cases are in high demand among gamers. That’s because it’s designed to offer space for modifications, like additional hard disks or SSDs. The enclosures’ large capacity allows for the installation of liquid cooling systems and optional fans. Finally, the brand’s models have a pleasing gamer’s design and feature RGB lighting.

No, the brand is an independent player on the market. Nevertheless, many PC and notebook manufacturers use the firm’s components. Including MSI, the firm uses their products in its line of computers and gaming laptops. Many of the companies’ products work well together.

Yes, if you are thinking of buying one, it would be a great option. The company has done its best to produce a great option in the cooler market. Their models offer all sorts of advantages, being an effective almost silent thermal solution. They also have a distinctive design and RGB illumination.

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