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ASUS Company Review

ASUS Company ReviewASUS Tek Computer Inc. (often shortened as ASUS) is a multinational electronics and computer hardware manufacturer. It deals with various high-tech gadgets and related services. The ROG brand has become especially famous among modern PC players. With the head office in Taipei, Taiwan, the corporation has expanded globally today. Jonney Shih is the key person acting as a chairman and CBO.

The ASUS Company Background

Tzu-Hsien Tung and 4 other hardware engineers established the firm in 1989. They all started their careers at Acer gaining profound knowledge and experience. The founding members dreamt of creating a small yet effective enterprise.

ASUS Company Review - The Company BackgroundInitially, Asus was developing motherboards hoping to prove itself as a reliable manufacturer. Everything changed when the brand managed to solve Intel’s issue concerning the 486 microprocessor-motherboard compatibility. After signing several contracts with Intel, it became obvious the company had a prosperous future.

Just one year later, the corporation released the EISA 486. Eventually, it became the most popular product in the motherboard category. In a follow-up, other similar rigs were designed in cooperation with Intel.

The Main Business Lines

As the firm grew, it developed other branches, not only PC inside components. This led to desktop, laptop,  and netbook production. Today, Asus even releases Wi-Fi routers, monitors and projectors. Additionally, some of their phone lines such as ZenFone are famous in Asian countries.

The enterprise has successfully adopted its devices to compete in all markets available. One can see its equipment both in large offices and in personal use. It’s possible due to a truly large selection of rigs and accessories.

The History of ROG

The ROG division plays a pivotal role, as it’s one of the first gaming-intended brands. It develops all types of computer hardware and peripherals to enjoy the most demanding titles. This concerns pre-built machines and extremely performant GPUs as well.

ASUS ROG - The Company BackgroundThese devices are different in terms of design and specifications. At the same time, the price is more than affordable. Asus tries its best to make gaming equipment available for everyone. The line of products is constantly growing presenting even streaming kits and cooling systems.

The company is truly interested in contact with its customers. It has created its own ROG Elite Program. By following this project, subscribers can get awards and prizes. It serves as a way to link up with the community and attract attention.

The Core ASUS ROG products

Among the most well-known devices are the best gaming laptops released under this name. For example, Zephyrus G14 combines top-notch specs along with a superior overall look. Strix SCAR 17 is another rig that boasts its performance and unique design.

ASUS ROG - The Core ROG products Strix SCAR 17All gaming accessories and peripherals are made exactly to meet gamers’ demands. The Spatha mouse is a total finding for MMORPG fans. At the same time, Strix Scope is a perfect match in the keyboard category.

In Conclusion

Asus has earned an inviolable reputation during its long-time history. Having profound knowledge and rich experience, the team of professional keep pushing boundaries further.

The expansion has already gone far beyond computers and inside details. Today, the corporation is striving to provide everything its customers need. With a background like this, Asus is one of the legendary companies on the market.


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FAQ About ASUS Company

No, it was formed in Taiwan. Tzu-Hsien Tung and four people who came from Acer founded the company in 1989. The brand started by making motherboards, trying to gain consumer confidence. Having achieved success with Intel chips, the firm signed several contracts with IBM.

As a Taiwanese company, it is also headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. The firm is international and has many offices around the world. The brand’s production facilities are mainly located in Taiwan as well as China and Mexico.

For fans of computer games, definitely yes. The company has a separate line of products for gamers (ASUS ROG). It includes gaming peripherals, devices, and laptops. This line meets all kinds of desires of players at an affordable price. The brand tries to make gaming accessible to everyone.

The company has many production facilities in several countries around the world. In particular, the firm manufactures its devices in China, Taiwan, Mexico, and the Czech Republic. More recently, the brand began talks about making its smartphones in India. Representatives of the ASUS see prospects in opening full-scale production in the country.

No, it doesn’t. ASUS is an independent brand now. In the past, they worked closely with Dell. Dell specifically used motherboards from ASUS in their laptops. ASUS’ shift towards designing devices for gamers influenced Dell’s decision to stop cooperating.

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