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AndaSeat Company Review

AndaSeat Company ReviewAndaSeat is an eSports brand focusing on chair manufacturing specifically for amateur and pro gamers. Having numerous branches and operating worldwide, it’s headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Zhou Lin has been the CEO of the corporation since its inception.

The AndaSeat Company Background

Originally, the firm was specializing in racing chair development. It also dealt with creating seats for football and volleyball stadiums. This was at the dawn of the enterprise when Zhou Lin founded it in 2007. At that time, it functioned only across the homeland.

AndaSeat already had a bright potential concerning sponsorship. It often acted as a partner of China football team. One could see the company’s logo at every tournament held in the country.

AndaSeat Company Review - The Company BackgroundAccumulating the experience, the brand expanded into the eSports field. The first seating of this kind was released in 2013. Back then, the corporation was only an OEM unit cooperating with larger manufacturers.

With its increasing success, AndaSeat became independent in 2014 offering its own products globally. This also led to signing contracts with more than 25 eSports teams. Among the most well-known are LGD, Fnatic, and OMG.

The Main Business Lines

Proceeding from its name, the corporation mainly deals with eSports seats. Despite being on the market for less than 10 years, it has something to boast. The range of goods is constantly growing and brings the most comfortable solutions for gamers.

AndaSeat Company Review - The Main Business LinesThe firm supports its previous connections by releasing a few sports items. It still acts independently with no huge acquisitions noticed. Focused on creating new chair lines, it develops at least one device per year. It also modifies its old versions presenting a better edition of an already famous rig.

The Path to Success

With its increasing expansion inside of the homeland, new branches were opened worldwide. It now has offices in the US, Canada, Australia, and all over Europe. This made sales volume rise as never before.

AndaSeat Company Review - The Path to SuccessThe list of eSports teams sponsored has also been enlarged. It now includes NAVI, V5, VTG, AHQ, and more. The firm served as a partner of 2018 WGC and 2018 LDL. On top of that, AndaSeat is considered the 2nd biggest eSports chair supplier.

The Core Products

Moving towards creating a perfect rocker, the corporation has developed its own comfort techniques. All of their devices boast extreme adjustability along with superior material quality. A gamer of any size would feel as if this seat has been made exactly for them.

AndaSeat Company Review - The Core ProductsThe T-Pro 2 is the latest release offering exquisite design and a high convenience level. It has all the functions to sit and play for hours feeling no backache. The Axe series has fewer features yet the price is more than affordable. This will be a perfect choice for users who don’t want to overpay that much.

The brand also creates editions devoted to a particular eSports team. For instance, it has a Fnatic chair bearing black and orange colors. It doesn’t look as if one is being a mad fan, it’s actually stylish.

In Conclusion

Boasting an impressive experience, AndaSeat is moving forward to take the leading position. It has all the opportunities for that, as the product range is quite enviable.

With the support gathered, its presence in large tournaments is inevitable. Due to the quick expansion over the world, the enterprise has a bright future.

FAQ About AndaSeat Company

Yes, you could call it that. The company is well known in the market for gaming seats. It works with many sports organizations in both regular and eSports. Provides its seats for football stadiums and cybersports arenas. The firm often produces various collaborations with many well-known brands. Among them, there are examples of work with Marvel, Navi, and Fnatic.

Yes, their chairs are famous in the eSports market. They consist of high-quality materials and are easy to assemble. They are also comfortable and have various features. Such as a magnetic head cushion. It is convenient because it is tightly fixed under the human head. Or a magnetic table which allows you to put a laptop on it.

It is a new version of an already well-known series from this company. The design remains the same, similar to that of a racing chair. There are also 3 sizes to choose from. The device is equipped with a magnetic cushion with a memory effect. An optionally available magnetic table is also available. It can be used as a support for a notebook, for example.

Anda is a Chinese brand. It was founded in 2016. The company is headquartered in China as well. They have a wide network of offices all over the world. In addition, the brand has its own factories for the production of components for its chairs.

Yes, their chairs always have this quality. The company’s founder used to make racing seats in the past. Such a person knows all about ergonomics for sure. The chair has excellent quality components and the latest materials. All of these features make the brand’s products rank at the very top of the range.

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