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Acer Company Review

Acer Company ReviewAcer Incorporated is an international manufacturer focusing on hardware and electronics development. Originating in Taiwan, it grew into a worldwide famous giant. Despite being everywhere, its ideas are born in Xizhi, New Taipei City. Jason Chen is the current chairman of the enterprise. Besides, he is the acting CEO assuming both of these positions in 2013.

The Company Background

Initially, the corporation Acer was established as Multitech in 1976 yet renamed Acer eleven years later. Stan Shih was the forebear of the future masterpiece. Other founding members were his wife and a few other people. Firstly, it was operating only around the home grounds expanding its influence over the country.

Acer - The Company Background

There were only eleven workers supporting the startup. The initial equity was just about $25,000. Originally, distributing electronic parts was the main specialization. Later on, the company switched to producing microprocessors. This allowed it to enter the PC manufacturing market.

It all started with the Micro-Professor MPF-I. A training kit didn’t look like a modern computer at all. In the following years, the updated devices MPF-II and III were developed.

The Main Business Lines

The corporation’s principal products present desktops, laptops, and tablets. Today, one can even find best monitors or video projectors released by this giant. The enterprise hugely invests in everything connected with e-business and electronics.

Many players know Acer for its brand called Predator. Various peripherals and computers are distributed under this name. For example, monitors, mouses, and keyboards are widespread among modern gamers. The same goes for accessories like specially designed backpacks to travel with rigs.

Acer – The Path to Success

With the introduction of the MPF model, Acer became truly competitive on the market. It gave a significant net income boost allowing the enterprise to purchase other PC-related manufacturers. Among the biggest early acquisitions was the Counterpoint Computers deal in 1988.

Altos Computer Corporation followed the trade chain 12 years later. At the beginning of the 20th century, Acer bought out Gateway. This allowed it to spread its influence on the American continents. After that, the corporation became one of the key figures in the computer market.

Acer - The Path to Success

At present, the company is the fifth-largest PC distributer by the number of sales. Having received numerous international awards for its ground-breaking electronic devices, Acer is globally famous. Mentioning the latest ones are Taiwan Excellence 2023 and CES 2023 Innovations Award Honoree.

After expanding in the US, Acer moved forward to Europe. Purchasing Packard Bell, it was able to supply the products everywhere. Concurrently, there are more than 7,500 people working at the corporation.

Its tried-and-true strategy coupled with a novel approach led to a significant net income rise. As estimated by the end of 2021, it hit NT$6.1 billion.

The Core Products

Moving through the innovative path, the company has introduced the world’s first Chromebook model. It features new devices like Swift X 16 boasting top-notch Intel Arc Alchemist.

Acer - The Core ProductsAmong other unique rigs is Aspire Vero famous for its chassis design. It uses 30% PCR plastic that reduces CO2 emissions. Additionally, this laptop is way easier to repair or recycle.

Coming down to the gaming line, many players absolutely adore Acer Predator Orion 9000. It has high-end specs along with an exquisite design.

In Conclusion

Acer definitely deserves its worldwide fame due to its great history. With various approaches, the corporation offers a large selection of products. It does a great job meeting the people’s needs.

The company also boasts impressive specs and competitive prices. Having considerable experience, it has a bright future with countrywide support.


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FAQ About Acer Company

Yes, as the 2nd largest computer manufacturer, Acer owns many manufacturing centers in China. The brand also produces hardware in Taiwan, accounting for over 40% of notebook manufacturing. In general, the company has production facilities all over the globe.

Yes, the company manufactures some of its many products in India. The brand considers the Indian market a promising target for development. Acer often launches a certain series of its products specifically for this market.
Most of the firm’s production facilities, however, are located in China and Taiwan.

Acer products are produced all over the world. The main production facilities are located in China, Taiwan, and India. There are also factories in Europe and the US. Most of the notebook manufacturing facilities are located in Taiwan (about 70%). Overall, the brand has established the capacity to meet the huge demand for the company’s products.

No, they are two different companies. Many people believe they are the same company because they both originated in Taiwan. In fact, Acer is almost 20 years older than ASUS. The only connection is that the founders of ASUS were from Acer. In general, the companies operate in different markets and do not particularly compete with each other.

The company independently manufactures its computers. The brand makes laptops of different kinds and for various needs. If you buy a laptop from Acer, it will most likely be made in Taiwan. More than 60% of the firm’s laptops are made there.
In general, the company has its production facilities all over the world. They are mainly located in China, Taiwan, and India.

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